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for Interviews on
One Screen

It takes just 90 seconds to set up and conduct your first interview. No credit card required.
Qorums VUE places all the important interview information in a single view. So, you can create more powerful connections with your candidates by being present in interviews.

Distraction-free design

Curated interview workflow for 
optimal evaluation

Based on the research of thousands of video interviews, Qorums VUE's digital dashboard allows you to keep your focus on the candidate, leveraging QVideo, while easily toggling between relevant interview materials -  all on a single monitor. This 2-click enabled QBrain AI Copilot empowers you to stay fully engaged and present for your interview, resulting in better hires, within even the most aggressive timeline.

Job Description
Job Description
Evaluation Notes

Hire faster - hire better

With 2 easy clicks, you can set up and plan your interviews effortlessly. Once the interview is complete, our advanced QBrain algorithm analyzes the candidate's responses, providing an unbiased evaluation that can be shared or saved. Now, you can make objective hiring decisions with speed and ease.

Interview setup in 2 clicks - 
with built-in scheduler
Interview setup in 2 clicks - 

with built-in scheduler

Qorums requires just two things to work its magic: the job description and the candidate's resume. Once you've uploaded these files, Qorums kicks off the built-in scheduling process and creates a comprehensive interview playbook tailored to your needs. All you have to do is show up and let Qorums guide you to hiring success.

AI-powered interview report card
AI-powered interview report card

Qorums VUE revolutionizes post-interview evaluations by generating a comprehensive summary that includes your organized notes, detailed feedback, and an AI-driven analysis of the interview. Our advanced QBrain technology objectively assesses candidate responses, providing unbiased insights to support your hiring decisions. With just a click, you can review and share this invaluable resource, promoting collaboration and reducing bias in your hiring process, for easy reference in the future.

Powered by AI

Get an edge with Qorums VUE powered by QBrain AI

2 Click Scheduling

Coordinate interview times with candidates and team members without the hassle of back-and-forth emails.

Enhance Team Collaboration

Gather feedback and make informed decisions with input from all relevant stakeholders and maintain transparency

Improve Candidate Experience

Provide a seamless and engaging experience for candidates with real-time updates and a user-friendly interface.

Data-Driven Hiring Decisions

Leverage powerful analytics to refine your hiring strategy and make decisions backed by empirical data.

Interviewing isn't new. 

Why is it still so hard?

Qorums VUE delivers a complete interview solution so you can have the conversation 
all within one platform. Eliminate the chaos of the interview process.

Focus on the Candidate

Leave the paperwork
to your QBrain AI assistant

Too often, keeping track of candidate responses, employment history and the core competencies keep the interviewer from becoming engaged. QBrain AI handles the bulk of this workload, leaving you to the part that matters, vetting the applicant.

One Screen Employment History
Job Relevant Questions provided Instantly
Easy Grading Sliders for Instant Assessment
Productivity Hub

Hire with confidence using AI-powered report cards

Qorums' AI-Powered Report Cards help interviewers and hiring managers pick the best candidates quickly and easily. These report cards give you clear and helpful information about each candidate, and keep that information consistent across multiple candidates.

Get real-time details on how candidates do in interviews
Use smart comparisons to choose the best one for the job
Done-For-You reports, so you can focus on finding 
the right person
Powered by AI

Prep for your interview without lifting a finger

Never worry about your next interview again, with Qorums VUE. Our unique QBrain AI analyzes the position, generates valuable on-target questions and skill insights, and guides your interview workflow. By allowing Qorums to handle the paperwork, you can focus on what really matters - the person.

Customized interviewing experience on one screen
Combines interviewing details, job-specific questions, and real-time scoring system
Helps you stay fully engaged and present 
during the interview

Qorums addresses the most crucial, but the least well managed part of hiring. More important, Qorums gives you the data you’ll need to implement the new AI tools that will change hiring forever.

Tracy Rowland
Global Human Capital Strategist

The key to swift and accurate hiring lies in data-backed decision-making that minimizes group deliberation, and Qorums delivers precisely that.

Gregg Tate
SVP-HR (Retired) - Coach, Mentor & Advisor

Qorums provides the input needed to implement effective and bias free AI candidate sourcing and implementation

Christine Eckhaus
Chief Business and People Officer

Qorums is a powerful tool, providing a structured and efficient approach that will undoubtedly allow companies to select the right candidate for their organizations more quickly, with data to support their decisions.

Julia Berchem
People Business Partner and Certified Professional Coach