Who We Are

Hiring smarter to build more enjoyable & efficient workplaces

At Qorums, we believe that hiring should be efficient, insightful, and effective. Our platform is designed to simplify the complexities of Hiring by leveraging data-driven processes that empower businesses and enhance the candidate experience. Founded by industry veterans Steve Perlman and David Andrews, Qorums was born from a deep understanding of the challenges in traditional hiring and a vision to revolutionize talent acquisition.

We envision a world where hiring transforms from a daunting task into an empowering and seamless experience.

Qorums was founded on the principle that the right technology can unlock tremendous potential in hiring. We envision a world where the hiring process is not a bottleneck but a seamless, efficient, and strategic function that drives business success. Our goal is to be industry leaders by delivering advanced solutions that simplify hiring, elevate the standards of talent acquisition, and ensure that every business can access the best talent quickly and efficiently.

Our Core Team

Steve Perlman
David Andrews
Ira Plutner
Rajendra Prasadh
Megan Metcalf-Draghi
VP Client Success
Christian Sontag
VP Product

Our Advisory Board

Christine Eckhaus

Chief Business & People Officer at CLIPr AWS, MuleSoft, Workday.

Bryan Stone

Technical Leader on the bleeding edge. Currently at Pfizer. Previously; Steampunk Labs., AWS, Linux Foundation.

Tracy A. Rowland

Global Human Capital Strategist, Fractional Chief People Executive.

Gregg Tate

Coach, Mentor and Advisor to HR Professionals. Retired Global HR Leader at Adidas AG, Spartan Mills.

Steve Johnston

CTO | SVP of Technology – Digital Transformation Strategist, Global Leader, Passionate about AI/ML

Philip Andrews

UX/UI Architect. Experience: AMEX, Kraft Foods, IBM, Cisco, Hitachi, XeroxPARC,

Qorums addresses the most crucial, but the least well managed part of hiring. More important, Qorums gives you the data you’ll need to implement the new AI tools that will change hiring forever.

Tracy Rowland
Global Human Capital Strategist

The key to swift and accurate hiring lies in data-backed decision-making that minimizes group deliberation, and Qorums delivers precisely that.

Gregg Tate
SVP-HR (Retired) - Coach, Mentor & Advisor

Qorums provides the input needed to implement effective and bias free AI candidate sourcing and implementation

Christine Eckhaus
Chief Business and People Officer

Qorums is a powerful tool, providing a structured and efficient approach that will undoubtedly allow companies to select the right candidate for their organizations more quickly, with data to support their decisions.

Julia Berchem
People Business Partner and Certified Professional Coach